Statement Regarding Internet Censorship

January 9, 2021

You have been redirected to this page at Diversified Company, the corporate headquarters and parent company of the site you were visiting instead of the social media page you expected, deliberately. Please review this information, as it is being done in defense of EVERY CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES.

DISCLAIMER: This statement has NOTHING to do with politics whatsoever. Good companies NEVER take political positions as it speaks on behalf of ALL employees, and therefore is wrong. We do not donate to political campaigns nor advertise for political candidates, and never will.




Our company is MADE IN THE USA and will not stand by idly while the First Amendment is violated by companies including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram, Shopify, Reddit, Twitch, YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest for ILLEGAL CENSORSHIP OF PROTECTED SPEECH. None of these companies have censored us, but as an American company, we cannot promote Americans being illegally censored.

Therefore, we are announcing that we are transitioning  to, a company that has been around for several years we never heard of until chaos broke out in the social media world.

It won’t happen overnight because they have been inundated with MILLIONS of new members since platforms like those listed above started illegally censoring protected speech, and their servers are overloaded. They’re working on that. They didn’t expect to go big overnight. (We should be so lucky!)

Due to refusing to censor PROTECTED speech, it has become a refugee camp for those seeking asylum from censorship. Their company is banned by Visa and other payment processors for refusing to illegally participate in censorship. See

As we create the new homes for our various divisions, they will be listed below. The one that might take a little longer is Shopify, where is presently housed, but we will be moving away from them as well.

These changes WILL BE PERMANENT, with the only exception being change in ownership and leadership at those companies. We have also TERMINATED all advertising through all of the companies named above and we encourage any others that advertise to do the same AND any and all members to cancel their accounts.

MOST IMPORTANT RULE IN BUSINESS: Regardless of how large or small a business is, all it takes is ONE CUSTOMER AT A TIME TO LEAVE before there is NO business left.

We will never surrender to anything that steals our rights illegally.



Martin Stevens, President
Diversified Company