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This is the official corporate website for Diversified Company. From this central site, you are able to connect to all of our other sites, and you can contact us at this central point if you have questions, concerns, or other inquiries about our company.

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About Us

Diversified Company is an Indiana corporation, in business since 2007, providing local, nationwide, and in many cases global services including computer technical support, web hosting and accessories, advertising, debt purchasing, business management and business opportunities.  Diversified Global LLC is an Indiana company formed in 2021 with the primary objective of  managing companies owned by Diversified Company that are non-service oriented, meaning Diversified Global LLC will control all retail divisions of Diversified Company.  They will provide products including blank check stock, novelty items, coffee and more to come.

What To Expect

While this transition is in process, we don’t want any interruption in services or retail products to take place, so the websites below, which will remain the same, are linked and presently still under full control of Diversified Company. Once the transition is complete, we will still make it possible to access all products and services through both websites although we will be two separate, but affiliated companies.

Nothing changes from the customer standpoint, though you will start seeing Diversified Global LLC on products you usually see Diversified Company on.

Our Mission

It is our mission to deliver a diversified array of services to both residential and commercial clients in an efficient, caring, and professional manner, or to put it another way, to bring meaning to the word “service” in customer service.

What We Do

Diversified Consumer Services is NOT a Collection Agency. We are a Debt Buyer. That’s great news for you, because we work with consumers in different ways than you may have experienced with a Collection Agency. Diversified Consumer Services is considered your new creditor replacing your original creditor. You’ll be amazed how different it is to work with us!

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We’re here with the Small Business Owner in mind!

We will work with any size company, but this division of Diversified Company, an Indiana corporation established in 2007, is to help small businesses look more professional while also promoting a sense of safety to your own customers. Whether your employees are customer facing at a counter or visiting their homes and businesses, it’s important that your customers feel safe and secure around your employees.  Our verifiable ID badges have been designed to address safety and security, allowing your customer to confirm the active status of an employee through our website (and your own, optionally) 24/7.


All of your web hosting needs and accessories are available at very competitive costs including SSL Certificates, Email, Security and more! Most of the site runs on auto-pilot so you can get started any time, day or night! We’re here to assist as well, of course!

Since 2004, we have brought solutions to help you increase your business. Advertising evolves along with the products and services you sell, so we’re in the process of unveiling many new ways you can increase your bottom line, some of which are already live on the site!

We are no longer selling website visitor traffic which was the foundation of this division even before we took it over in 2007. If you are interested in purchasing website visitor traffic, please consider SEO Clerks which provides that and a lot more!  Please use this link:

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Diversified Technical Support provides remote computer repair services globally as well as local on-site repairs. Our technicians hold a minimum of CompTIA A+ Certification, a globally recognized industry standard.

What Diversified Global LLC Does

Diversified Global is an Indiana company established in 2021 from which Diversified Company transferred control of all retail divisions of the company. Diversified Global LLC  provides the products listed below.  You can connect to their websites from here or from their headquarters website, sells Hair Building Fibers at tremendously low prices compared to international competition. Powder available in nine colors delivered to your door for as HIGH as $8 per 27.5g container with FREE shipping! Discounts for purchases over one and rebates available for purchasing four or more!



BuyBlankChecks.Com sells Voucher Style Check Stock (shown on the right), as well as Three-on-a-Page Check Stock (shown to the left). Buying blank check stock saves tons of money compared to having your checks printed by your bank or other vendor.

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Ever feel like all you need is a magic chill pill to make everything feel better during those stressful times? Ever wish you could cure a friend’s woes? Forget the doctor, unless it’s serious, of course! Try NoveltyMeds! A great gift for a friend or yourself!

Bank of Entitlement was founded to address the needs of the Entitlement Generation. These are the folks that expect everything to be given to them on their terms because simply put, they’re entitled!

We have developed a great line of products and services to satisfy the entitled, but as a general rule, the entitled don’t open their own accounts. Rather, the accounts are opened by the non-entitled and shared with their entitled friends and relatives. After all, why should they open their own accounts? They’re entitled!! Although, occasionally, an entitled person will open an account on their own.